Solo Exhibitions


2015   “Eric Johnson: Legacy”, Retrospective, Museum of Art & History (MOAH),

           Lancaster, CA

2013   Solo Exhibition, Peter Blake Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

2012   Solo Exhibition, William Turner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2009   Solo Exhibition, William Turner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2008   “The Maize Project”, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA

2006   Warshaw Gallery, San Pedro, CA

2005   Peter Blake Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

2003   Peter Blake Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

2003   “Overview”, Andrea Schwartz Gallery Inaugural Show,

           San Francisco, CA

2000   “Mesdames”, Art College, San Diego, CA Solo Exhibition,Mesa College,

           San Diego, CA

1998   Solo Exhibition, Harbor College, Wilmington, CA

1996   “Sentimento”, Simayspace, San Diego, CA

1995   “An Unfinished Fetish: A Five-Year Survey”, East Gallery,

           Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA

1987   “Retrospective” Bank of America, Laguna Beach, CA

1986   Gallery “Sangre y Arena” Granada, Spain

1984   Paintings and Sculptures at “On the Boards”, A.I.A. Design Awards Banquet,

           Newporter Hotel, Newport Beach, CA


Group Exhibitions


2014   “The Artists of the Film MANA”, Museum of Art & History (MOAH),

           Lancaster, CA

2014   “50 Passing Time: Fifty Years of Exhibitions”,

           Art Gallery at Los Angeles Valley College

2012   “Smooth Operations: Substance and Surface in Southern

           California Art,” Lancaster’s Museum of Art and History (MOAH),

           Lancaster, CA

2012   “Ed’s Party”, William Turner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2012   “PSST: Art in San Pedro 2000-2012”, Warschaw Gallery,

           San Pedro, CA

2011   “Shift. Space. Slick.”, Eric Johnson, Larry Bell,

           Craig Kauffman, De Wain Valentine,

           Scott White Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA

2010   “New School Cool”, Eric Johnson & DeWain Valentine,

           Scott White Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA

2008   “Liquid Supercool”, William Turner Gallery,

           Santa Monica, CA

2007   “Ned Evans & Eric Johnson”, Toomey-Tourell Gallery,

           San Francisco, CA

2005   “AxS”, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA

2004   “Biobillistic”, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Art Park,

           Los Angeles, CA

2004   “Suspension”, Andlab, Los Angeles, CA

2003   “Art of Paint”, Gallery “C”, Hermosa Beach, CA

2001   “Taken from the Sea” Huntington Beach, CA

1999   “Forms of Thought”, Charles Arnoldi, David Lloyd, and Eric Johnson,

           William Turner Gallery, Venice, CA

1997   “Presence: Eighteen Area Sculptors”, University of California San Diego,

           University Art Gallery, San Diego, CA

1996   “Skin and Bone”, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Art Park,

           Los Angeles, CA

1996   “Artist Beyond Disabilities”, Long Beach Art Gallery,

           Long Beach, CA

1995   “Shape Forming the L.A. Look”, Main Art Gallery, California State University,

           Fullerton, CA

1993   “Kustom Kulture”, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA

1987   “Broken Heart Art”, Sparc Gallery, Venice, CA

1985   “New Juice in Orange County”, Fine Arts Center, Irvine

1984   “30th Annual Exhibition”, San Diego Art Institute

1983   “Untitled ‘83”, Museum of North Orange County,

           Fullerton, CA

1980   “Artists by Artists”, Laguna Beach Musuem of Art,

           Laguna Beach, CA

1979   “Beauty and the Beasties”, City of Los Angeles Municipal, Art Gallery,

           Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles, CA

1968   “L.A. County Art Museum/Los Angeles Rotary Club Scholarship Competition”




2009   American Association of Museums Honorable Mention

           Award for The Maize Project catalog

1996   Grant from the Adolph and Esther Gotlieb Foundation, Inc. New York, NY

1996   “Artist Beyond Disabilities” 1st Place, Long Beach, CA

1988   “Best of Show”, Visual Arts ‘88, Art Institute of Southern California

1984   University of California at Irvine, Graduate Study Regents Fellowship,

           Irvine, CA First Annual Recipient of the California

           Retired Teachers Associations Awards,

           Laura E. Settle Scholarship Fund, Irvine, CA

1980   Joan Irvine Award, Newport Beach City Arts Commission, Irvine, CA




1969-1971   Los Angeles Valley College

1971-1972   California Institute of Arts

1986   Masters of Fine Arts University California at Irvine


Teaching Experience


2001-2002    Irvine Valley College

1998-1999    Saddleback College, Emeritus Institute

1987-1989    University of California, Irvine

1975-1976    Laguna Beach High School, Adult Education




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Selected Collection



Carlos Herrera, San Diego, CA

Christine and Jay Gospreditch, San Raphael, CA

Christopher Chaney Esq. and Lindy Carll, Los Angeles, CA

Dennis Hudson and Nancy Noble, Irvine, CA

Dr. Douglass Simay, San Diego, CA

Hermiera and Arnold Goldstein, CA

Jan and George Handtman, La Canada, CA

Jay Novak, Sherman Oaks, CA

Julio Juste, Madrid, Spain

Leonardo and George DiCaprio, Eagle Rock, CA

Larry Kuppin, Beverly Hills, CA

Mary Barnes, Marina Del Rey, CA

Nancy and Robert Englund, Laguna Beach, CA

Stan and Judy Jacobs, Los Angeles, CA

Stephanie and Michael McManus, Laguna Beach, CA



Action Media Group, Woodland Hills, CA

C.B.S. Broadcasting Group, New York, NY

City Paints, San Francisco, CA

D Zone Studio, San Pedro, CA

Dark Horse Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

Digital Domain, Venice, CA

E.M.I. Latin Division, Venice, CA

Group W Productions, Los Angeles, CA

Hewlett Packard, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Homano Institute, Tokyo, Japan

Hormel, Chicago, IL

Nestle USA, Los Angeles, CA

Southern California Edison Co., Los Angeles, CA

Stouffer's New York, New York, NY

Xerox, New York, NY